About Us

Talibon Montessori School Inc., is located at Purok 5, Centro, San Jose, Talibon, Bohol.



Talibon Montessori School, Incorporated provides pre-elementary & elementary education with good quality of academic standards toward academic excellence.

To aid life, leaving it free, however, to unfold itself, that is the basic task of education.

Talibon Montessori School, Incorporated, believes that the most receptive stage of the child ranges from age 3 to 6 years old, hence, providing them with the best possible learning tools and prepared environment is a must.

Talibon Montessori School, Incorporated,  believes that the teachers play the most important role in molding the life of the child, hence, each member of the faculty is required to dedicate their hearts  in shaping the child’s personality.


 TALIBON MONTESSORI SCHOOL, INCORPORATED envisions a dynamic and proactive educational institution geared towards academic excellence and holistic formation of the child to becomeGod-loving and productive citizen.

1. To provide venue for children to develop their total being, hence, preparing them to become effective and responsible citizens.
2. To provide effective and dedicated mentors for a better and enhanced learning.
3. To provide an institution committed towards enhancing child’s development.

  New Educational Methodology
1. To provide an alternative methods of learning through the Montessori methods.
2. To provide a modern, conducive, and healthy learning environment and a “second home” for young learners to develop their potentials to the fullest.

   Values Formation and Community Involvement
1. To instill in each child love of God, value of respect, dignity and integrity of an individual.
2. To inculcate in the child the value of the relationship of Man to God and Man to Man.
3. To introduce to the child love of country and ways to become responsible citizens.

Academic Excellence
1. To provide a faculty dedicated to children in the pre-elementary & elementary level.
2. To be characterized by high standards of education, values formation, and genuine service to the students and to the community.
3. To assist the child in discovering and developing his potentials to the fullest.

Communication Proficiency
To develop each child to become an effective communicator who demonstrates accuracy in both written and oral communication.

Faculty Development
To provide the faculty continuous education that will adapt with the continuous change.