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DepEd Guidelines on the Suspension of Classes during Typhoons

Classes in affected areas are automatically suspended based on the PAGASA declared storm signals, while local government units (LGUs)—not the DepEd—decide on and announce class suspensions during calamities in the absence of a storm signal.

The Department of Education (DepEd) reiterates this to guide parents and help ensure the safety of students in the event of typhoons, flooding, and other weather disturbances and calamities. 

Cancellation and suspension of classes are observed directly from the weather bulletins of the Philippine Atmospheric Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA).

Classes in the affected areas shall be automatically cancelled or suspended once the PAGASA raised the following storm signals: 1) Signal No.1, public and private pre-school and kindergarten classes; 2) Signal No. 2, public and private pre-school, kindergarten, elementary and high school classes (including Senior High School); and Signal No. 3, classes in all levels.

Storm signal warnin…

4th Office Test Pointers (SY 2017-18)

February 14-15, 2018

ESP I Self-control Self- discipline Leadership
ENGLISH I Action words Following instructions This/ These
MATH I Plane figures Fractions
COMPUTER I Parts of a desktop
SCIENCE I Energy(natural source and artificial source) Sounds Safety measures to protect ourselves from the heat of the sun
FILIPINO I Pandiwa Paksa at panaguri
ARAL.PAN. I Unity and cooperation in the community Duties in the community
ESP II Self-control Self- discipline Leadership
ENGLISH II Parts of the book Sorting words alphabetically Action words
MATH II Division Dividing numbers with remainder Problem solving
SCIENCE II  Energy (natural source and artificial source) Sounds Conductor and Insulator
FILIPINO II Salitang magkasalungat Panlapi Simuno at panaguri
ARAL.PAN. II Community needs