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Sportsfest 2017

October 26, 2017 (First Day)
Venue:Talibon Montessori School Inc.
I – Parade (7:30-8:00AM) Barangay San Jose

II – Opening Program (8:00-9:00AM)
a. Philippine National Anthem and Bohol Hymn - Ma. May G. Auguis b. Doxology - Selected Pupils c. Words of Welcome - Alfie Ardillo, School Consultant d. Presentation of Athletic Delegation - Teams
e. Declaration of the opening of Sportsfest 2017 - Dr. Ma. Teresita I. Alampayan, PSDS, Talibon II
f. Oath of Amateurism - Arjie Niel E. Borja
g. Lighting of the Urn of Unity - Jayveeh Ian C. Item
h. Raising of Departmental Banners - Muses and Captain Balls

III. Zumba for Parents (9:00-10:00AM)

IV. – Games (10:00-11:00AM)
a. Photo Contest
b. Native Games
c. Scrabble d. Badminton

Lunch Break (11:00-12:00NN)

Continuation of Games (1:00-4:00PM)

October 27, 2017 (Second Day)
Venue: San Jose Cultural Center

I. Search for Mr. & Ms. Sportsfest 2017 /UN Culmination Program (7:30-12:00NN)
a. Dance Presentation - Red Bulls Team
b. Production Number - Muses and Captain Balls
c. Dance Prese…