The Sweet Roses by Filomena R. Del Rosario

I walked through the garden
One warm summer day
To smell the roses sweet
That Grandma cared tenderly

In this garden of roses
Joys and sweetness they posses
They give me joy and inspiration
And fill my heart with a song

Look at the sweet pretty roses!
Their thorns prick you when they're pressed
This reminds us that sweetness
Is the prize of pain and crosses

Oh! It is sweet to reflect and choose
To live a life, sweet and lovely as a rose
For it makes us joyful and lively
If we accept the thorns and pains of life gladly

Oh! Sweet roses, keep on blooming and remain sweet
Though strong winds will squeeze and bite you into pieces
Remember everyone loves and appreciates
Those who are loving and sweet!

Sweet roses thank you for your sweet life
That touched and gave lessons to my heart
That trials and pain have their meaning
For God is in control of everything

Sweet roses! Let the whole world know
The secret why you bloom and sweetly glow
So, raise your melodious sound
That your joy may abound

Come! Come to my garden and ask the roses
What made their lives fragrant and sweet?
For all we know they live to serve for good
And God blessed them in hundred folds

Lord, thank you for the roses in my garden
Thank you for the thorns their stems contain
For a rose cannot be a rose without thorns
As life cannot be sweet and pure without pain

Who can make the roses bloom and grow?
I’m sure I can’t! Can you?
Praise God from whom beauty and sweetness flow
And made our lives as sweet as roses grow